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safety goggles manufacturers in china

Safety Goggles Full Shield Product

Product Code : EM-10067

MOQ: 20,000 Pieces Indications: Rinse off coarse dirt under flowing water, when possible Clean the lenses using cleaning spray or tissues Store eyewear in a case when not in use Directions : Make sure there is no pressure on side of the head or behind the ears Nose piece should be comfortable Able to see in all directions without major obstruction Lenses should cover eyebrow without hitting eyelashes Benefits: Protects from harmful chemicals/infections/viruses Reducing the risk of eye damage and blindness Prevents droplets, dust, small sharp objects. Etc Water-Vapor easily discharge Features: Anti-fogging glasses Indirect Vents Design Medical standard soft rubber material Adjustable tightness Medical PVC+PC lens Transparent Colour Googles Size : 18.7×7.5×2 cm Class I Medical Protection License Factory

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