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Kid Mask

Kids 3Ply Disposable Printed Mask

Product Code : EM-10020

High Permeability. High Filteration. Me Odor & Comfortable Fit 3 layered structure protection Lightweight, soft and easy-to-wear

Kid Mask-1

Kids 3Ply Medical Disposable Mask – Flat/3D form

Product Code : EM-10021

Medical Type II mask 3-layered disposable mask in accordance with EN 14683, YY/T 0969-2013 test standards. EC Rep: Share Info LLC Reprisentanzburo, Dusseldorf, Germany Bacterial Filtration Efficiency ~ 98%, reaching up to 98.6%

Kid Mask-3

Kids fashion mask

Product Code : EM-10023

Made in 100% cotton for durability and comfort. Air vent to make breathing easier. Dust and windproof. Reusable and easy to clean. PM2.5 Activated carbon filter

Kid Mask-4

Intelligent Kids Respirator

Product Code : EM-10024

Intelligent Purification System – Based on fluid dynamics, micro motor effectively guarantees a smoother breather experience than a conventional mask. 4-Layer Filtration: Effectively filters out fine particles PM2.5, dust, bacteria, smoke, pollen, dust mites and other harmful substances. Styling: A range of colourful and stylish covers Battery Life 4-6 hours

KN 95 Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

Kids KN95 Mask

Product Code : EM-10022

Stretchable, Breathable, Comfortable. This cup-shaped disposable respirator has been specially designed for kids to offer lighter breathing resistance, whilst still giving superior respiratory protection against high concentrations dust, fumes and water-based mist.

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